Happy Feet Organic Shea Butter

An intensive, moisturizing and conditioning treatment for your dry, overworked skin! Loaded with vitamins and minerals! A little dab will do ya! Just place a small amount in the palm of your hands. Rub together so the Shea Butter "melts". Rub onto dry skin. 

Happy Feet feels great on tired, overworked feet!  The essential oil of Tea Tree will help with any itchy, athletic's feet and the essential oil of Peppermint will help stimulant blood flow to the feet.  The moisturizing properties of the Shea Butter will make your feet look beautiful, so go ahead and get your sandals out! 

Use with our all natural pumice stone to help smooth out rough, scaly areas:

Made from all-natural, Unrefined, Organic Shea Butter and essential oils! No colorants are used.

Go ahead and pamper your skin and give it the vitamins, minerals and moisturizers it needs!

Please note, Shea Butter can feel greasy when first applied. After about 10 minutes (even less) your skin feels soft and subtle. It's worth the wait!

"I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to see you at the durham fair this yr and we havnt been in over 3 years!! From your oils that smell fantastic and relaxing oils and ive thrown out all my perfumes yours lasts the longest to your tea tree oil soaps for my exsema and dry skin also your aches and pains that now I swear by.. I use it everyday 2wice a day my mother with her arthritis hands works miracles and me with my bad knees n broken hand I will forever be your customer! !! It truly is my "miracle" cream!!! And the happy feet is working perfect for my dry and cracked feet so very smooth.. and my other favorite the lavander hand cream I put on my chest at night and hands is so soothing and calming... sorry I took up your news feed I felt everyone should know how fantastic scentastic REALLY is! !!"


Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Essential oils