Room Spray - 4 oz.

Room Spray - 4 oz.
Our newest addition to home fragrancing!

These 4 oz room sprays are a fantastic way to scent any room in the house! The fine mist spray allows greater expansion of the oil sprayed so only a couple of sprays will sent a room nicely with no propellants!

They come packaged in a very attractive aluminum spray bottle with a colored plaid spray top and are available in 3 different colors--Purple, Green and Brown. The scent you pick will be made into the matching color bottle.  If you want a specific color (purple, green or brown), please specify in the comment section on your order form.

Twice as big as most room sprays offered, these sprays are made with the high-quality scents only Scentastic's offers!

The Room Sprays are refillable by using the Dry Oil Spray Base and any of our Scentastic's oils. Simply pour one bottle of any one of our oils into the empty Room Spray bottle, and fill the remainder of the bottle with the Dry Oil Spray Base!

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