Aromatherapy Spritzers

Aromatherapy Spritzers!

Made from our 100% Essential Oils and Purified Water.  Spritzers are a great way to use aromatherapy in the home and on the body.  Safe for clothes, hair, body, (keep away from eyes!). 

Also makes a nice natural spray for any areas that need a little help - yoga mats, gym seats, pet beds, carpet, towels, comforters, blankets, etc.

Do not spray on leather or floors (could cause floors to be slippery).

Shake well before each use.

Hi - Just wanted to let you know that I bought 3 oils at the Dutchess County Fair on Friday 8/24. Stress Relief, Thieves and Bug Off. Used Bug Off this weekend while walking on the Dutchess County Rail Trail. Normally I am swarmed by gnats that even "Off" doesn't repel. Dabbed some Bug Off around my hairline and not even 1 gnat came around. I love this product!!! Can't wait to try the Thieves during flu season. Thank you!"

Karen, New York

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