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Changing Multicolored Aromatherapy Mister

The everchanging, multicolored, Aromatherapy Mister is the newest to our line of oil diffusers!

Twist open the unit and fill with water to the water line provided on the cylinder.  Add roughly 10 drops of Scentastics' Essential oil (Fragrance oil is not recommended) to the water and close, twist unit until you hear a snap shut sound.

Turn the unit on by pushing the "Mist" button down for a few seconds until the green light appears.  Give it a minute to activiate and you will then see a good, strong mist coming out of the top.  The essential oils are now being disbursed throughout the room. 

You can turn the light on next.  The unit will keep changing to all the different colors it offers, but if you like a particular color, then just hit the "Light" button again on the color you want the unit to stay on.    

The Aromatherapy Mister is a great way to use therapeutic oils in the home.  You use very little essential oil and have great results.

The Mister makes for a fantastic gift to anyone starting out experimenting with essential oils and aromatherapy. 

The Mister is also great for offices (Rosemary oil is great for focus and attention), a child's room (use Eucalyptus oil when the child is sick), when company is coming over (lemon, orange, cinnamon, etc. oils are great to scent your home).  Lavender is a great oil to use in your mister for relaxing the mind before bed.

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