Make Your Own Soap Kit/Butterfly & Flower

Make Your Own Soap Kit/Butterfly & Flower
What a great gift idea for any child (or the child in us)!

Each kit comes with (2) 1lb blocks of white glycerin soap, a soap mold, a bottle of Scentatics' fragrance oil (your choice), a plastic pippette and full instructions.

You will need: Food coloring (optional), a heavy plastic spoon, glass Pyrex Measuring Cup and a non-stick sauce pan.

It's as simple as 1, 2 3.

1. Melt soap in pan on low heat.

2. Pour melted soap into Pyrex measuring cup and add color and scent and stir.

3. Pour into mold and let cool for 30 minutes. Pop out of mold, wrap and enjoy!

The kits are great for kids to use and make their own gifts for grandparents, teachers and aunts! They will feel good they created something on their own that is practical and useful!

The kits come in two different styles. The Butterfly/Flower mold as seen in this picture and the Ladybug/Dragonfly as seen below.

The Butterfly/Flower mold makes (2) two 4 oz bars of soap. Using the soap mold twice (the soap mixture can be remelted in the microwave on 10 second intervals) your kit will yield (4) four 4 oz. bars of soap. That's 1lb of soap total!

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