Fizzy Bath Salts - 2 Pounds

After many requests for the 1lb Fizzy Bath Salts to come in a bigger size, we listened, and here they are!

Now our Fizzy Bath Salts come in a large, 2 pound bag with wooden scoop!  Scoop as much or as little of the salts into your bath.  The aroma will fill the room and the soothing salts will help you rid of any toxins.

Chose from any of the scents we offer.  The Aches & Pains is great for those suffering from arthritis or for the avid gardener!

Try some "Lavender" salts or "Vanilla" salts for a soothing bath right before bedtime or the "Breathe" bath salts if you are battling a cold or are all stuffed up from allergies!  Our "Stress Relief" salts are made from all-natural essential oils known to help with any stressful situations which occur.

Treat yourself and take the time to take a bath--your worth it!!

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