Mini, Blown-Glass Perfume Bottle w/cord

Mini, Blown-Glass Perfume Bottle w/cord
These beautiful, blown-glass perfume bottles are unique in their own design.

They each come with a mini-cork and a black, silk hanging cord.

Pour a small amount of your favorite oil into the perfume bottle (dropper also included) and place cork in top.

The perfume bottle can be worn around your neck and comes in handy to refresh yourself throughout the day. It also makes for a decorative piece to hang in your office, car or bedroom.

Please keep in mind, when ordering, the colors are a generalization. Because of the complexity of the uniqueness of these one-of-a-kind pieces, we can only generalize the color. Let us rest assure you though, each and every one is extraordinarily equisite in design! Go ahead--SPLURGE!

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