Balsam Peru, Essential Oil
[Balsam Peru]

"Myroxylon Balsamum Pereirae"  Central and northern South America

 Rich, woody aroma, sweet with a touch of vanilla and benzoin. Subtle hint of cinnamon, reminiscent of green olives.

Balsam Peru Essential Oil can be used to alleviate bronchitis, coughs,colds, and flu, eczema, rashes, sensitive skin and chapped skin, and for treating minor cuts and wounds. It is good for stress and helps with poor circulation.

History and Additional Information

Peru Balsam does not originate in Peru, although it was shipped to Europe in the seventeenth century from the Peruvian ports of Lima and Callao, hence the name. These days El Salvador is the principal exporter of peru balsam.

Peru balsam comes from a sub-tropical, leguminous tree which has been transplanted to other areas where is has become highly invasive, out-competing the natural vegetation and causing considerable ecological damage.

Size: 10 ml

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