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  Our Boston Show    Date: 11/18/2015  

"We, at Scentastics, just wanted to thank all of our loyal customers who wrote, called, e mailed and messaged Florence, the women who runs the Boston Christmas Festival at the World Trade Center in Boston regarding our non acceptance into the show this year.  Your responses are overwhelming and heartfelt!  Your calls are still coming in and we receive e mails and facebook messages everyday on this matter. 

As many of you know, she has decided to eliminate us from this show because we were told we were "taking all the business away from the other soap companies".  Needless to say, we were shocked and saddened by her decision.   We have done this show for the past 8 years, followed all the rules, built a loyal customer base through our hard work and dedication and the love that we have for Scentastics. 

Unfortunately, this is the response we received by Florence on 11/9/15:

"OK.  we get that you are upset.

However – we really have had it with all the irate messages.

 Sorry – but we will not be bullied into making a decision that is bad for the show as a whole.

 Florence & Jackie."


We will keep everyone posted regarding this situation here on our blog.  Again, thank you all who voiced their opinion to the promoter on this matter.  It means so much to us!



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