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  And The Winner Is...    Date: 10/24/2016  

A big thank you to all of our customers who took the time to write to us and share your love for Scentastics! It was the most wonderful thing to have so many communities across the country come together to celebrate their love and passion for a company that thrives on the strong relationship between producer and consumer. We have felt nothing but love and encouragement and inspiration out of this contest in hopes that it will spark the conversations that lead to a better lifestyle through pure essence by nature. Here are our three winners;


"I'm writing this email as a way to share my story of how I knew I loved Scentastics.

I suppose I need to rewind about ten years to when my father passed away from cancer - I watched him wither away to nothing until the disease eventually consumed him entirely forcing him to leave this earth sooner than we could have ever imagined. After losing him I fought hard to overcome the grief and sorrow that comes when a 13 year old girl loses her father. I am happy to say I have conquered that massive and painful hurtle and I no longer feel like I am being beaten down by the tsunami waves of grief that were so present after I lost him. That's not to say the waves have stopped, but I have learned to swim through them. However, while I have gotten through the grief if we fast forward to today and I am starting to realize that I lost more than a father but I also lost myself. The waves that I endured broke me, left me in pieces and I am only now just starting the journey of repairing myself and letting the light I have lost shine through my heart and radiate from my spirit despite the cracks and wounds I've endured from losing my dad and the walls I've put up so that no one could see just how damaged I really am.

At first I needed to figure out how to survive, now I need to learn how to thrive and let the light shine through all the broken places that I am. It's an exhausting journey that I am about ot embark on but Scentastics I know will be my saving grace. I have never been one to want to make myself feel better by popping a pill or succumbing to western medicine and all of the negative side effects that comes with it, in fact I often believe that may increase one's discomfort, whether physical or emotional. I've always found the best medicine to be of the earth - natural, healing, and restorative. I do not want to dull my pain, I think to really overcome it you have to feel it and make it a part of you so that you can use that to empower yourself  in order to do better to others who are also going through their own struggle. But there are ways to feel that pain that can help transform you - my journey is not about changing who I am but taking all of the pieces I've been left in and putting them back together - they won't fit where they used to, because life will never be what it was now that my dad has long since passed, but by giving myself the powerful healing properties of Scentastics essential oils I may learn how to recognize the fragments of myself in a way that is different but just as stable as they once were before enduring such loss  and heartbreak.

This journey will be painfull, sad, and hard but I stay rested with the scent of lavender, I stay motivated and energized through the scent of lime, I keep calm with the calm and stress relief blends, I keep myself balanced with the balanced blends, I strengthen my immune system with thieves, I stay clear headed with peppermint, I maintain the joyful memories of father with the help of basil, and I continue to feel beautiful despite my damage with the scent of woodstock radiating from my wrists and neck. I am guiding myself through this journey of self restoration and enduring my own reparative process but I am only able to go so far alone, so I thank Scentastics for helping me maintain my own well being as I travel along this difficult road, I could never do it without the help of your products.

All the best,

Savanna Cortvriend from Rhode Island"


"I don't know where to even begin to describe what I love most about Scentastics. There is so much! I am just grateful I found you years ago at the Apple Harvest Festival in PA. I started with the goats milk soap and have graduated to using essential oils for everything! Every product I try I am impressed with. Besides the wonderful price point you won't find anywhere else, the customer service is fabulous. I love how it is a family run business and when I reach out to a Scentastics employee, they make me feel like family too. Thank you Scentastics for creating a business from the heart and not from the dollar signs!


Tracey Diehl from Pennsylvania"


"I first began using your products about 5 years ago when I happened upon your booth at the Niantic Arts and Craft Fair. I was smitten from the first bar of soap I used. Subsequently I ordered more scents from your website and then I ordered some bath products and shampoo/conditioner. Now I only use your soaps and hair products.

Friends would comment as friends do about the beautiful subtle fragrance I was wearing. So naturally I had to give them a bar of soap to try which began their use of Scentastics. I sent soap to my SIL in PA and she is now a faithful customer.

My neighbors built an outdoor shower as we live on the beach. For a shower warming gift I gave them a soap sock and a couple of bars of your delicious soaps. They now are faithful customers and in turn give your soaps as gifts to friends at Christmas. Their two daughters are now customers as are many of their friends.

When I love a product I want my dearest friends to sample and get their reaction. Needless to say the reaction has been a snowball effect with friends of friends being customers. At the Craft Fair this July I ran into five of my friends there replenishing their supply of soaps and oils. Between us all we bought over 60 bars of soap in less than 15 minutes.

I just have to figure a way to share the shampoo with them. I just received my order of 4 shampoos and 4 conditioners and am on the hunt for little bottles in which i can place a sample for their use.

We spend the winter in Peurto Rico and I cannot tell you how much we enjoy your products while there. Coming from a hot day on the beach we enjoy stepping into the shower and using your wonderful soaps. Makes a good day even better!


Keep it up! Your scents are wonderful and the soap bars last a long time especially when you use the soap sock.

Maxine DeFusco from Connecticut"


We would like to thank our winners and the rest of our contestants for sharing your beautiful words with us. We are writing quite the beautiful story together here, folks. Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletters and blogs for current information, deals and updates happening with our team! Let's keep spreading the love!  

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